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Welcome to our website! We are a family of three girls, a mom and dad, and dogs with lots and lots and lots of energy. We are in Maine for a year of learning, adventure and reconnecting with family roots.

We will be sharing our experience here at this website. 

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Because we think our kids are the most amazing, miraculous, unruly pieces of work in the whole wide world, the subject matter of this blog will focus mostly on the adventures of Deer Country Kids!

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Here's the Latest Blog Post:

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Making Her Way Downtown.....

Last Thursday, one of our amazing helpers, Sabrina took the girls to a park in Bridgton for an off campus adventure. When I got the...

Class Highlights

A certain loving Grandpa recently asked if, in addition to playing in the woods and starting businesses, does the girls' curriculum also...

Under, Over, Under, Over

After reading Basket Moon and learning about a basket-making family in Columbia County, NY, the girls set out to make their own baskets....

Business is Booming!

We have made a business by making birch bark fire starters for our neighbors in Maine! First my mom helped with what to write and then I...

Why Are We Called Deer Country Kin?

Nate's grandparents, Bill and Catherine Vinton, bought land on Kezar Lake in 1935. They raised Nate's dad, John, and his three sisters at camp on Kezar Lake. In the fifties, Bill started experimenting with pottery and started a pottery business called Deer Country Kiln. Their signature style was made by imprinting things they found in the nearby woods and streams into clay . 


Some of their pieces are very STARTLING !!! 

Look at this breathtakingly beautiful plate! 

Nate's Dad, John Vinton, wrote a book about growing up on Kezar Lake. In it he writes about his father Bill's technique: "Over several years he developed his distinctive handcraft: freeform dishes made by laying out flowers, leaves or grasses on smooth river stones and draping them with sheets of clay.  The clay was then lifted off the stones, dried, sanded, painted, glazed and fired."

We are spending the next three months at the Vinton camp. We are very proud to be Deer Country Kin!!!

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I mean look at these beauties!



RARE Large Deer Country Kiln Pottery Sal

Is This cabbage? So cool!

Vintage Deer Country Kiln Pottery Wildfl

All things bright and beautiful!

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