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Biden/Trump Lawn Sign Math Project

Hello Friends! We have lots of updates from Deer Country Kin!

We will be posting a bunch of new stories in days ahead - we haven't had much time to do it lately - we apologize for not being in better touch and look forward to sharing our recent news.

We are in the midst of a fun bar graph math project. Mia has been doing the adding. She's learning about bar graphs. Here are the kids explaining the project:

Here is the bar graph. We haven't completed because every time we drive to Portland we can't keep count!!! We count every sign we see - not just the houses. So if someone has ten signs on their lawn we count them all. Next, we are going to ask YOU (our readers) and our kids who won the election based on our bar graph. Of course, we'll want you to find total count vs town-by-town results. Can you tell us who won???

Then when the election happens, we'll go to each Town Clerks' website to see if the lawn sign results on our bar graph align with the results in the election. We'll keep you posted!

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