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Class Highlights

A certain loving Grandpa recently asked if, in addition to playing in the woods and starting businesses, does the girls' curriculum also include language arts and math? In fact it most certainly does! And everything that we do from starting businesses to playing for hours in the woods, includes math, language arts and other academic skills. In fact, that is what we love about nature-based education. We use the context of nature to learn academics. That said, we spend from 8am-1pm in class.

(We have been following the girls' curriculum from their school back in Boston and it's pretty amazing how much these three girls get done with one-on-one instruction in the morning.)

Here are some scenes from "class" time:

The girls have been learning about how stories are structured. They've spent the last few months learning about the significance of characters, plot, settings, etc., in stories. As part of this exercise they wrote their own stories! First they did a rough draft, then a second draft and a final draft. Then they illustrated their stories. Here are Anna and Mia reading their stories:

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