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September 19, 2020 - Dad Teaches Earth Science

One of the great things we've learned about homeschooling is that you can teach on the weekends! Nate will be teaching Earth Science to Anna this year. We are going to focus this Fall on things that grow and thrive beneath the earth's surface. We are starting with fungus!!

This post is written by Anna Vinton:

something I learned about camp is that you can create anything out of mushrooms, you can even mash them up and turn them in to a cake [ but remember to cook them] or if you don't have time to cook them you can make a stylish scarf! We are having a blast up in Maine in the wild with the mushrooms 🍄.


We went to Bethel and watched a movie about mushrooms. It was called Fantastic Fungi. The movie theater is called The Gem. we learned so much. We learned if they are poison and not poison and all sorts of other stuff about identifying them! Some glow in the dark.

this is Amanda Moran talking!

It was also outdoors so we were really cold, but we brought sleeping bags and outdoor chairs!

My Buddies and me taking a selfie.

my Buddies before I made friends with them.👩🏼🍄 🍄 🍄

I will look up what these mushroom are called and get back to you.

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