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October 1, 2020 - IT'S FALL!!!!!!!

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

It's been a busy, BEAUTIFUL week. The moon is full and the owls and loons are so loud at night. Today I'm posting a pupu platter of images and experiences. Hey, speaking of Chinese things today is Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day (Anniversary of the founding of the CCP). National Day is always on October 1 and Mid-Autumn Festival is the 15th day of the 8th Lunar Month. It's very, very rare for them to fall on the same day.

To our friends in China 祝你和你的家人中秋快乐!!

Last night the girls Facetimed Nai Nai (Mary Ann Vinton) to report that the full moon was right over the lake and NaiNai was looking at the same beautiful moon over the Kennbec River. To our cousins in Singapore, Evelyn and William, we'd like to say: Wishing us a long life to share the graceful moonlight, though thousands of miles apart! 但愿人长久,千里共婵娟!

Save our Ship!!!! Or rather Save our Paddle Board, SOPB. There was a rescue at Vinton Camp yesterday. Sarah sounded the alarm by screaming bloody murder. "The Paddle Boat is in the middle of the lake!" Anna and Mia sprung to action before I could even see what was happening. They were in the kayaks, paddling out to the paddle boat floating away. I'm excited to hear them tell the story in 10 years - "the wind was blowing, no, it was hail, and the paddle boat was miles away!"

Here goes Anna - with Sarah and Sabrina enjoying a front row seat!

Reinforcements got sent in and the paddle boat is rescued! pheewwww!

My Dad, Nick and his friend, Cricket came to visit! They took us out to dinner and we loved finding mica with them, canoeing, apple-picking, singing by the fire, etc. We'd love to know more about the love of minerals and gems at Vinton camp? When did it start? All the cabins here are named for minerals and in the lodge is a HUGE collection of minerals. We will be sorting them and trying to identify them soon.

Mica found around the porch:

Out to dinner at the Lodge at Pleasant Point.

It's true Mia you don't have to do your dishes tonight!

Oh hey glamour girl!

Look at these lovebirds:

Apple Trees are the BEST climbing Trees! Visiting Pietree Orchards

Sarah woke up with a spider bite on her eye. I asked her to look as sad as possible for a picture. Why is no one in our family phased by a spider bite on the eye?? And where was I when a hungry spider was crawling on her face? Ugh, I'm not too worried, spiders have nothing on Sarah....

Roll Back spiders!!!! We've got a war canoe:

Who wants to see how much bigger a war canoe is as compared to a regular canoe?

The girls started their first job last week. They are working at a local farm on Thursday afternoons. Last week they learned which vegetables survive a frost and which ones don't. They learned about why rabbits are important for farms. Does anyone know?

And learned lots and lots and lots about chickens.

We also started our sewing projects this week which has been an adventure. The most important thing we learned (the hard way) is that you control the speed of the pedal! We are making flannel pajama pants!

The leaves are changing and the roads have very few cars. Lots of wonderful bike riding happening.

Sarah continues to work on her alphabet. I really don't want her to change her "R". I love it so much.

Frog catching (and releasing) is the number one activity during recess. They have gotten their hands on "big mama" but she always gets away. Go big mama!

Finally - we visited the Drive-in movie theater in Bridgton. Sleeping bags and thermos of hot chocolate. It was heaven!

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5 commenti

The spider bite picture is so tragic! Glad there was a fair amount of acting going on.

Mi piace

What fun you are having and so much hands on learning, especially hands on a frog! Spider bites are NOT fun. I had one on my hand, too, this summer.

Mi piace

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival from Singapore! We love waking up to these amazing stories and adventures!

Mi piace

If I may, that is a HUGE canoe.

Mi piace

Jennifer Hewitt
Jennifer Hewitt
01 ott 2020

Amazing! We can't wait to come visit. xoxo

Mi piace
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