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September 17, 2020 - Our First Three Days

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

It's Day three here in Lovell. I'm going to say that we're all thriving here. Today during snack we heard a massive tree fall in the woods and it was a race to see who could find it first. We couldn't find it? Did it fall?

Sarah found a snake in the kitchen yesterday. It was a baby. But I really had to breath deep to stay calm. The kids thought nothing of it.

It's very cold in the mornings, warm in the day and mild in the evenings. By mid-day it seems a bit crazy that we were sitting by the fire in the morning but every morning it really is so cold.

This picture was from Sept 11 as we were getting the lodge transformed into a schoolhouse. This was the first fire in this amazing hearth.

Here is camp from the beach. The days are breezy and beautiful in the afternoon.

First Day of School Picture! Anna, Mia and Mae (Mae is Deanna's daughter. She is part of our homeschool pod. Deanna is our teacher)

And the Schoolhouse is ready! this is a video from Day 2:

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